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Productive Solutions

Office furniture accessories can be as important as having the right desks, chairs, workstations, and tables.  These ancillary items can help your office space become complete.

Even in a society moving towards a more paperless way of doing things – filing and storage remain a solid link to the organization of a company’s most important records. Lateral file cabinets, vertical file cabinets, pedestals, and complete file banks can provide organization of and accessibility to the information that makes your company go. Storage cabinets and shelving offer organization to the items that you need to have on hand, but you don’t want in the form of clutter.  Lockers can give your employees the extended space for personal items, while keeping their workspace more open for the job you hired them to do.

Having the right chair at your workspace is a wonderful thing. However, it can be awfully frustrating when the flooring is not a good match for the wheels of your chair. The right chair mat can be an ideal solution for this situation.

Whether your workstations are height-adjustable, cubicles, benching, or a hybrid combination – the right accessories can maximize your efficiency and convenience. Power modules, monitor mounts, CPU holders, storage modules, foot rests, and wire management options can truly complete a workstation.

Whiteboards can be used for everything from personal reminders to major presentations. Vertically displaying information can be effectively accomplished by selecting the right white or glass board for your needs.

Noise in the office can be a huge obstacle in any work environment. This can lower productivity, increase tension, and directly affect your company’s bottom line. Hanging and wall-mounted acoustic panels can often be the perfect solution. In addition to helping reduce distracting noise levels, these panel options can also add a very nice aesthetic touch to the look of your work environment.

Social distancing can be an enormous challenge, while still trying to maximize your work areas. Luckily, there has been a well-timed new wave of screens and divider panels that are now available for this very situation. Felt, acrylic, glass, and laminate divider panels can provide built-in social distancing for workstations of every size and shape.

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