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Workstation Solutions

In recent years, benching systems have taken over the landscape of the co-working environment.  Offering a more open feel and collaborative environment, benching has become incredibly popular.  Recent times have caused social distancing to become a higher priority.  However, with the right adaptations to these workstations – benching systems remain a viable option.

Featured Benching Systems

  • OFD presents 2 styles of benching – Bench It and Connect It.  Both systems offer both flexibility  and adaptability.  Supporting a wide range of work styles, Bench It & Connect It add versatility to any work environment.  Both system options offer a high-quality product, in-stock availability, and a very affordable price.
  • Open Plan Systems offers a modern and customizable benching option, in the form of the XPand Benching System.  XPand offers all of the flexibility to create workstations that best suit your business – from interchangeable storage and accessory options to stations, which range from stationary workspaces to stations with adjustable heights.
  • Global Furniture Group offers SideBar.  SideBar is a modular system that efficiently supports diverse work styles and workplace environments. Shared workspaces can be individualized with multi-functional storage components.  Varying levels of bench dividers and storage heights create unique visual planes ­within the workspace, providing a break from monotonous “cube farms”.
  • Maverick Desk offers the Apex Benching System.  Apex adapts to the activities of individuals and groups, creating a workplace that compels achievement. With multiple modular pieces that can integrate with our signature Maverick series and height adjustable tables, Maverick can join in your ascent.  The Apex system features a wealth of features and options, as well as a more limited quick-ship group of configurations.
  • DeskMakers offers 2 series of benching systems – TeamWorx and Synapse.  TeamWorx is a benching system that offers unique styling and unprecedented flexibility for today’s changing office environment, TeamWorx allows you to maximize employee productivity while minimizing floor space.  TeamWorx is best known for it’s impressive aesthetic style.  Synapse is a more cost-effective benching system. Synapse features the same great engineering and design flexibility that you’ll find in the TeamWorx line, but with a simpler kit of parts to fit tighter budgets.
  • Iron Age Office offers a couple of solid benching options, with a modern and industrial appeal.  The Carruca System presents a powerful way to maintain a more open office space, while still giving people the privacy they need.  The Fortis System workstation fits 2-8 people comfortably. This workstation gives employees ample space to spread out and keep productivity up. This piece is the perfect way to provide people with the privacy they need while preserving an open office space, all while maintaining the distinct Iron Age Office style.

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